Untold Story


A few months back, I was on my way to reach a movie theatre where my girlfriend was waiting for me. I was late already, so I had to rush on my two wheeler.

Suddenly, an old lady, maybe around 70 stood beside the road  stretching her hand to get a lift. I was late, but I couldn’t resist stopping.
She sat on my bike and when I was about to start, she said “Son, Please stop. I have lost my medicine. They would have fallen on the road from my bag when I was walking. They are very costly and I can’t afford to buy again”.

I stopped immediately and she got down. She was worried and almost cried. When she was getting down, I saw some bandages on her back. She asked me to help her find them. I parked my bike beside the road and started searching for her medicine. At last, I found them and I gave it to her. She felt very relieved and thanked me.

Then, we came back to the place where I parked my bike and we started. On my way, I asked about her bandages and why she was alone.

She said, “My husband died after we had a boy. Then all the responsibility was on me. I raised my child with great difficulty. He was a good student, he got a scholarship for his study and everything was going well. He got a job and we moved into a good place.
One day on his way back home, he got into an accident. I had to sell everything for his treatment. But, unfortunately, after two months, he passed away. I was all alone and had no one. After my husband’s death, I knew I had to move on and raise the child. I loved my child and he was everything for me. After his death, I had no reason to live. But, I thought life has to move on and worked for my living.
Few days back, I had a surgery and I was discharged today. I couldn’t walk all the way home and God sent you my son.”

After listening to her story, I had no words. I dropped her at her place and gave her my mobile number and said, “Think of me as your second son and feel free to call me at any time for any kind of help. From now, you will be going to hospital along with me.”

She smiled and said, “Son, I am glad you said that. I don’t need any financial help from you. Come to see me when you are free, that’s all I need”.

From then, I visited her whenever I was free, took care of her medical needs without letting her know.

She passed away a few days back. I took care of her rituals in the place of her son.


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