Story of poor man lived with his wife


Beautiful story…..A very poor man lived
with his wife.
One day, his wife, who had very long
hair asked him to buy her a comb for
her hair to grow well and to be well-
The man felt very sorry and said no. He
explained that he did not even have
enough money to fix the strap of his
watch he had just broken.
She did not insist on her request.
The man went to work and passed by a
watch shop, sold his damaged watch at
a low price and went to buy a comb for
his wife.
He came home in the evening with the
comb in his hand ready to give to his
He was surprised when he saw his wife
with a very short hair cut.
She had sold her hair and was holding a
new watch band.
Tears flowed simultaneously from their
eyes, not for the futility of their actions,
but for the reciprocity of their love.

To love is nothing, to be loved
is something but to love and to be
loved by the one you love,that is
EVERYTHING. Never take love for


The difference FEM vs FEA


This is a very contentious issue, one that academics love to debate over a cool long-neck of a friday evening. I am going to stick my head on the block here & try to explain the difference, happy chopping my academic friends.

The terms ‘finite element method’ & ‘finite element analysis’ seem to be used interchanably in most documentation, so the question arises is there a difference between FEM & FEA ??
The answer is yes, there is a difference, albeit a subtle one that is not really important enough to loose sleep over.

The finite element method is a mathematical method for solving ordinary & elliptic partial differential equations via a piecewise polynomial interpolation scheme. Put simply, FEM evaluates a differential equation curve by using a number of polynomial curves to follow the shape of the underlying & more complex differential equation curve. Each polynomial in the solution can be represented by a number of points and so FEM evaluates the solution at the points only. A linear polynomial requires 2 points, while a quadratic requires 3. The points are known as node points or nodes. There are essentially three mathematical ways that FEM can evaluate the values at the nodes, there is the non-variational method (Ritz), the residual mehod (Galerkin) & the variational method (Rayleigh-Ritz).

FEA is an implementation of FEM to solve a certain type of problem. For example if we were intending to solve a 2D stress problem. For the FEM mathematical solution, we would probably use the minimum potential energy principle, which is a variational solution. As part of this, we need to generate a suitable element for our analysis. We may choose a plane stress, plane strain or an axisymmetric type formulation, with linear or higher order polynomials. Using a piecewise polynomial solution to solve the underlying differential equation is FEM, while applying the specifics of element formulation is FEA, e.g. a plane strain triangular quadratic element

Download YouTube videos easily


YouTube is worlds best video journal
these days ,if you wish to ascertain all
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YouTube. however we have a tendency
here to speak concerning a way to
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Mobile, there’s ton of app in automaton
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way to transfer in Java and Symbian
Mobile’s. truly transfer YouTube video’s
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however we are able to transfer for
academic purpose. we are able to
transfer music from YouTube , transfer
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however however, here is simple
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Android ,iPhone etc thus Lets realize the
approach a way to transfer YouTube
Videos simply In Any Mobile

Just Follow The simple steps:-
Open YouTube .com
Find any Video You Want To Download
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Open That Video To Watch In your
Then Do This Small Change In The
Address Bar Link.
Like I Open This Link “https://
Go To Address Bar And Change The Link,
Replace https://www. With SS.
Change it To “
Then It Will Redirect To Download Page
Like Below Pic %SEO friendly image.jpeg
How To Download YouTube Video Easily
In Any Mobile
You Can See That You Can Download
Video In Any Formate Here HD to Low
Quality In Any Formate Like FLV or Mp4
Hope you all may likes it , feel free to
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