An Open Letter to Manmohan Singh


Dr. Manmohan Singh
Prime Minister of India

Dear Sir

While your extremely proactive government conveniently forgets about all important issues plaguing the country, busy finding ways to paint the black money white, busy thinking of means to cover up your latest scams, some of us don’t. While you, my dear sir, develop amnesia towards education or more precisely, the lack of it in the country, we don’t.

The PM responded to our open letter with a letter of his own. It was blank. Apparently, it means, "No comments."

The PM responded to our open letter with a video-tape of him smiling. We double-checked the volume but it had no sound. The tape was titled “Theek Hai”.

It really doesn’t reflect well on your CV, what with you being an ex-educationalist and all. Anyway, it seems like our top leaders are not really concerned about educating young India; actually, they shouldn’t be, after all it’s easier to fool the uneducated ones. So, while you have been diligently working on various “classified issues”, education standards in our country have fallen to a new low.

Clearly, somebody is responsible. Who? The child who goes to the Government School and finds an empty class? Or, the teacher who never attended a class himself and yet finds himself teaching? Me? Or, Socrates perhaps? No, it’s you. It’s your government, and the lack of sincere efforts on your part to improve this sector.

Hence, it is your legacy that “Village schools” nowadays stand for “Village in schools” instead of “Schools in Villages”. How, you ask?

  • Lack of proper infrastructure: A wee bit of cement waywardly spread around a banyan tree does not qualify as a “school building”. How much of your budget funds have built a building in these villages, Dr. Singh? 1 percent or 2 percent?
  • Dearth of qualified teaching staff: “Teachers” who spell “Sunday” as “Sundae” or who can’t add two two-digit numbers or don’t know the difference between an “exclamation mark” and a “poorna viraam” simply cannot be classified as teachers! But, we can’t blame you for this eh, honourable PM? Because, you can’t even fix your own cabinet, how can we expect you to fix this?
  • Lack of awareness: If parents insist that the child helps them with the farms, instead of going to schools, how would the child know that he/she must go to school? Again, our deepest sympathy for you, for you aren’t even aware of your powers as PM. Surely, an unaware man cannot be the harbinger of awareness.
  • No access to quality education: Educating children just for the sake of swelling up numbers and stats falls under this category. But again, you are probably familiar with this, since India too has no access to quality Government!

I request you that if there is any money left after all those 2G, CWG and Coalgate scams, not to forget the latest Vodafone Tax Scandal, please put it in reforming the education sector. Our villages are in a dire need of good educational institutions, but knowing you, you probably are still busy in framing our newest ordinary policy, the ten-thousandth of the year, aren’t you?

Reforming the education sector is not as tough as eradicating corruption, a little more attention and some serious and sincere efforts are bound to the trick. I still believe that you and the leaders in your cabinet are good at heart and there is no deliberate strategy to keep India illiterate, but at the same time there are very less political incentives taken in order to boost up education level.

Watching you go about your work like a mummy on strings and still turn a blind eye towards the issues at hand, it might be advised that you feign night blindness while reading this, or burn it as soon as you are finished. Because, you must realize that you are destroying an entire generation by not giving it access to quality education. You might as well launch a nuclear missile and get it over with! Sir, one need not be an expert to realize that what is happening is seriously wrong.



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